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FAQs For Players and Members
I’m new to hockey registration
Click on the following link for assistance with registration – HOW TO REGISTER PAGE
Do I have to pay my Club membership fees online also?

It is the discretion of each Club/Association to pursue online club memberships payments via the HockeyNet system or receive payments via an alternative method.

If your Club is set up to accept online payment for Membership Fees you are able to pay online.  However please read information provided as your club may request that fees are paid via an alternative method.

To avoid online payment, select ‘SUBMIT ONLY’ if the option appears, or please ask your Club/Association Administrator for the best way to make payment. Club membership fees will be visible in your respective Club registration portal.

Please note: payment of the Hockey SA Individual Registration fee is mandatory to pay online.

The system keeps adding my club and Hockey SA fee together

Do not select your club membership at the same time as your Hockey SA Individual Registration Fee as this will add both registrations together, where you will be required to pay the total amount via the HockeyNet system online.

If you are at the ‘Summary’ screen, you can press the x next to your Club registration and this will delete it from the payment total. However you will have to go in and add this later.

What is the Hockey SA Individual Player Registration fee?

In 2018 we were faced with the difficult task of the calculation and implementation of the various fees and charges that are levied both on participants and clubs.

For to hockey to remain sustainable, it is unfortunately necessary to increase fees. For many years the hockey SA state and National levies have been below what is required to ensure this sustainability. Click here to read a message form CEO Peter Churack, including a comparison of other state and territory hockey state levies.

Quick facts:

  • The Hockey Australia (HA) levy had not been increased in 17 years.
  • The HA levy and participant insurance levy are set and payable to HA and insurance provider JLT. No revenue from these levies remains in Hockey SA.
  • State hockey sporting organisations (SSO) will now have to pay HA levy on 8 years and above (previously only from 9 years and above).
  • Hockey SA (HSA) will absorb this levy for all Under 9 participants to continue to foster growth and participation in this grass roots age group.
  • The HA levy, as advised in January, for Junior players has increased from $10 to $15 and seniors from $10 to $25. Click here to read the Hockey Australia.
  • The Hockey SA ‘Juniors playing Senior levy’ was introduced in 2017 after questions in previous years whether a junior playing seniors ought have a junior or a senior membership. This is priced at the mid-point between junior and senior fees.
  • The HSA Senior component of the total levy has remained relatively constant over the last 8 years, being $49 in 2011 to now $60 in 2018.
  • Insurance is now applicable to all registered players, and is charged at $10 per participant.

This registration must be made prior to players taking to the pitch for season 2018. Failure to do so may result in penalties and not being listed on team lists from their first game.

Hockey SA contributes a portion of all individual registration fees towards:

  • Maintenance of the State Hockey Centre to an international standard that encourages National and International tournaments.
  • Development and management of SA State team programs.
  • Investment in the promotion and marketing of the sport across the state.
  • Visiting schools and running hockey programs to encourage participation at club level.
  • The development of coaches, umpires and technical officials.
  • Running events such as state championships, including the State Country Championships and the Zone and U13 State Championships.
  • Advocacy to government for the development of facilities and pitch installations for clubs and regional associations.
  • Advocacy for the sport through all levels of government.
  • Building corporate partnerships for the delivery of the sport in South Australia.
Do I need to register before I play?

Yes, a player must be registered, and have paid the relevant Hockey SA Individual Registration Fee via the Hockey SA Membership Registration Portal (open Feb 16) or Club dedicated portal, before they are eligible to take the field of play in any of Hockey SA’s and/or Affiliated Association competitions.

If you do not register prior to playing, you will not be able to be selected for team sheets via the HockeyNet system (applicable to competitions that utilise the Sportsdesq option).

Subject to the Rules of the competition, there may be penalties for failing to register and pay the Hockey SA Individual Registration Fee.

Do I need to register if I am trying out the sport for the first time?

If you are competing in a formal competitions (e.g. Hockey SA, Association or Club-based competitions) participants are required to register and pay the Hockey SA Individual Registration Fee.

New prospective members who are trying out the sport of hockey for the first time are covered under insurance for the first four (4) weeks of involvement (training, clinics and come’n’try sessions).  After this introductory period has ceased, individuals will be required to register with Hockey SA in order to continue their participation. The Association/Club must keep an active record of this participation.


I play for more than one club

You are required to purchase ONE fee paying Hockey SA Individual Registration and a fee free Hockey SA Dual Registration.

EXAMPLE: I am an under 18 playing each week for Risdon Hockey Club and play every second week with the Woodville Metro 2 team.

Select Port Pirie and District Hockey Association > Risdon Hockey Club Inc > Register HOCKEY SA JUNIORS playing SENIORS : $63.00 Relevant Risdon Hockey Club membership Select Hockey SA Metropolitan Competition > Woodville Hockey Club > Register HOCKEY SA DUAL REGISTRATION : $0.00 Relevant Woodville Hockey Club membership.

If playing in the Hockey SA Metropolitan Competition, a player must also complete a Dual Registration form (located on the Hockey SA website) and submit to prior to your first game.

Do I need a club membership as well as the Hockey SA Individual Registration?

Yes. Most clubs/associations will require you to select a specific membership.

Club memberships are equally as important. Please make sure you have registered each player for both.

If you are unsure, please contact your club/association.

Is online payment compulsory?

Yes. It is compulsory for the Hockey SA Individual Registration to be paid online via the HockeyNet system. The method for making payment of the Hockey SA Individual Registration Fee is by either Visa or MasterCard (debit or credit card) and PayPal.

It is the discretion of each Club/Association to pursue online club membership payments via the HockeyNet system or receive payments via an alternative method. See your Club Administrator for assistance. The Hockey SA Individual Registration Fee is inclusive of the processing charge issued by SportsTG.

If paying your club membership fees online, it is at the discretion of your Club if this is absorbed in the registration fee or added to your payment. This will be visible before making your final payment.

In what circumstances am I entitled to a refund?

The Hockey SA Individual Registration Fee will be refunded as follows:

  • No games played – full refund
  • 1 – 2 games played – 50% refund
  • 3 or more games – No refund

Hockey SA will determine the above refund is valid via investigation of the HockeyNet system or confirmation from an Association committee member to validate number of games played.

Hockey SA will be monitoring all memberships within the database. Failure to purchase a Hockey SA Individual Registration Fee may result in further penalties.

To apply for a refund, please contact

I have a Junior registration type, and have been asked to play in a senior competition?

Once the season is up an running, Hockey SA will enable a ‘Junior to senior UPGRADE’ registration type which, once purchased, will allow U18 players to compete in a senior competition.

Only players with this UPGRADE or the original ‘Juniors playing Seniors’ will be permitted to play in a senior competition.

I am U18 and playing in a Senior competition

Any Junior player (under the age of 18 as of 31 December 2017) who competes in a senior Hockey SA or affiliated competition must purchase the:

HOCKEY SA JUNIORS playing SENIORS registration for $63.00.

Failure to register correctly will result in the player not being available for selection on team sheets via the HockeyNet competition section.

Note: If choosing this registration type, you DO NOT need to purchase the Junior registration as well.

I don’t remember/need to change my email address I used last year?

You are unable to renew your registration unless you have the correct email address to login with.

Contact your Club Administrator to confirm your registered email address and, where necessary, inform them of a change. After updating your email address, if you cannot remember your password or need to reset your password, go to the Login Page via the Portal Home Page and follow the links to receive an email to reset your password.  You will have 30 minutes to access the link contained in your email.  Please note that during peak times, this email may be delayed.  If this occurs, please try again later. 

NOTE: Please do not register as a new member with a new email address as this will create duplicate accounts and may be required to pay two Hockey SA Individual Registration Fees.

What if my club is not in the drop down list?

Your club may not have selected “YES” to accept 2018 Registrations.

Contact your Club/Association Secretary or Registrar to see when online registrations will become open.

I’m a Life Member/Committee Member/Social Member.
If you are player actively participating in hockey via structured competition, (ie: games from Under 9’s to Seniors and Masters) you must select the Hockey SA Individual Registration Fee.

Hockey Australia have dedicated personnel to help with your member registration queries and refunds.

In the first instance please contact

How long does my Hockey SA registration last for?
Your 2018 Hockey SA Membership is an annual fee and is valid from the day you register until 31 December 2018.
I am an umpire, how do I register?

Officials who DO NOT participate as a player in a Hockey SA, Association or Club Competitions and will not purchase a 2018 Hockey SA Individual Registration type must purchase a 2018 HOCKEY SA OFFICIALS – Hockey SA Officials non club/association membership.

  1. Select Registration from the top or Log In if your are renewing.
  2. Do not select an Association or Club.
  3. Click Register.
  4. Select Hockey SA Officials Subscription type ($32.00).

If you have purchased a 2018 Hockey SA Individual Registration fee, you do not need to register as an umpire. Please ensure you tick YES, when asked if you are an Umpire, when registering as a player.

Are my credit card details secure?

Recently Sports TG moved to a new merchant provider (Braintree) which offers enhanced fraud protection through its provider Kount.

A common fraudulent practice is multiple transactions in a short period of time. If a legitimate customer is attempting to process multiple payments on the one card, possibly for themselves or on behalf of others, this will likely get flagged as fraud.

In this case, we would recommend that customers process only their own transactions on their cards, and not process multiple payments on the one card.  If a customer needs to purchase multiple memberships for example, then this should be completed in one transaction, rather than trying to process each one individually.

I have a JUNIOR registration and have been asked to play SENIORS

Select the 2018 HOCKEY SA JUNIOR MEMBERSHIP UPGRADE with your club to allow a junior player to participate in SENIOR Hockey SA, Association or Club Competitions.

This registration may only be added with a previously purchased 2018 Hockey SA JUNIOR registration.

How do I get Pay Pal?

SportsTG accepts payment via Pay Pal.

To find out more information or to sign up, please click HERE.


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