Facility Grants

Many of Hockey SA’s affiliated clubs and associations have responsibility for a facility which in most cases includes a synthetic turf. Over time, these facilities need to be upgraded or replaced and government financial support is a critical part of making those programs happen.

The 2012 Statewide Facilities Strategy set in place an assessment of hockey facilities at that point in time and identified priorities at a whole of state level. Some of these projects and priorities have since been addressed. In supporting clubs/associations with facility grants, Hockey SA will refer back to this document and its priorities.

Grant programs are typically over-subscribed and there is no guarantee of success. Tips for seeking financial support for facilities projects:

  • Ensure that the club/association is making a financial contribution to the project
  • Secure financial support from as many bodies as possible – Council, Federal and State governments
  • Keep Hockey SA informed as progress so that we can include discussion of your potential project in meetings with government employees and Minister(s)
  • Include Hockey SA in selected meetings with government where appropriate.

Grant applications often have a ‘Peak Body Support Form’ or similar which Hockey SA can complete on request. Hockey SA is also able to provide letters of support as part of grant applications and at various points in the development process.

Club fundraising and donations

The Australian Sports Foundation (ASF) has a Fundraising4Sport (F4S) program to help raise funds for sporting and community clubs and organisations of all sizes for projects that seek to develop sport and/or increase participation.

They are uniquely positioned to enable philanthropic support to sport by providing tax deductibility for donations made to projects signed up with them.

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Council support

Each local council is different and will offer differing degrees of support whether financial or in-kind in helping facilities projects to move through the process.

Contact your local council directly to gather this support.

Federal government support

Federal grants are available under the Stronger Communities Program which can be applied to sporting facilities.

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State government support

The main grant that clubs/associations use to fund major facilities projects like pitch replacements has been the Community Recreation and Sporting Facilities Grant. The aim of this is to help eligible organisations to plan, establish or improve sport and active recreation facilities that meet the needs of the community in South Australia.

Organisations can apply under the each of the following categories:

  • Category 1 – facility planning
  • Category 2 – facility development (requests $25,000 – $200,000)
  • Category 3 – facility development (requests $200,001 – $1,000,000)

This grant program provides an opportunity under Category 1 to get funding to help with business cases and design work which is an important part of many projects.

ORS have also launched a Female Facilities Program grant to helps eligible organisations to develop sustainable, functional, inclusive and fit for purpose female change room facilities that meet the current and future needs of the South Australian sporting community.

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