2019 Junior Development Program

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Hockey SA invite all junior hockey players in South Australia to the Junior Development Athlete Program (JDP). Dates are listed below along with Session themes, outlining the technical and tactical focus areas. All Sessions will be held at the State Hockey Centre on Monday evenings from 5:00pm to 6:00pm. For regional athletes, we will work with your junior development coordinators to offer a similar program in your area.

The purpose of JDP is to provide young athletes a development opportunity in the off season, whilst maintaining a relatively low hockey workload with only 1 session a week. This allows for participation in other sports or physical activity regimes during summer which is highly beneficial to athlete’s holistic development.

The JDP is designed for U13, U12 and U11 athletes in South Australia to develop a higher order of skill acquisition and increase game understanding in line with the HSA Development Athlete Program and U13 State teams. Session Focus areas have been designed upon game analysis and reflection of junior state team performances and common themes within junior state champs in 2019.

Coaches of this program will have a Hockey Ed Level 1 or 2 and have experience in junior development programs. The sessions will be designed around athletes being challenged, learning new skills and above all having fun.

To register for the 2019 Metropolitan JDP and to make payment please visit the following link. https://2019jdp.eventdesq.com

You will receive a receipt and confirmation email among purchase.

To register interest for 2019 Regional JDP, please email coach@hockeysa.com.au or your regional development coordinator with your name, DOB and region to find out more.


Weekly Session Outline
Technically ATT Technical DEF Tactical ATT Tactical DEF
Session 1


Receiving, Wrist Feed Passing 1v1 Tackling Small Games Small Games
Session 2


Dribbling / Tracking with Ball. Slap Passing 2v1 Tackling Small Games Small Games
Session 3


Receiving in motion, Elimination skills Double team tackling Small Games Small Games
Session 4


Advanced Skills, Backsticks & Overheads Channelling Small Games Small Games

We look forward to seeing you on the pitch!

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Hockey SA High Performance Staff


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